“Our company has been doing business with T&T for over 10 years. The staff is incredible and has always been able to provide us with staffing at our most demanding times…and short notice on many of those occasions! I can count on them to do their very best, being very responsive and providing a high level of service. And not only do they treat their clients like superstars, they treat their employees the same way as well. Thanks, T&T !!!!
Carol H., Human Resources, TN/UT
First let me say that the team at T&T rocks!!! They have been our staffing company since 2006 ( shortly after they started their business) and have met every challenge we have given them. Poor planning on our part has never stopped them from delivering miracles! They are an extension of our business and true partners. They enable us to take on work which is beyond our internal capacity and let us keep our promises to our client partners.
Phil W, President
From a very busy Rutherford Cty. HR Mgr., I just want to say that in 2010 T & T Distribution Staffing saved my life in more ways than one after another Staffing Service firm let us down. We continue to enjoy doing business with T & T. The staff at T & T are very professional and responsive and I highly recommend the T & T Team for your business.
Mike Henderson